Let´s explore Oulu region and Lapland with well educated guide. Trips around Oulu or 5 day trip to Northern Finland and Sweden.
Aurora Borealis

Big pike
Big pike

Pike fishing in the wilderness


Come to Oulu area in the Northern Finland and catch big pikes. Now it is near spawning time and pikes are hungry and angry. We promise you exciting fights.
Size of the group: 2 – 5 persons
Duration: 6 – 8 hours
Price: 75 euros/person

Montta-Pyhäkoski Fishery in Muhos
We put lots of fish (brown trout and rainbow trout). Starting date 21st in may. Guiding 45 €/person/3 hrs.


Hiking in Lapland

Experience nature of Lapland. The scenery in northern Finland and Sweden is breath taking. We hike on marked trails high on the fells.

You can choose your accomodation between cottage and tent. Cottages costs about 39 euros/person/day but tent is free.

Size of the group: 2 – 8 persons
Duration: 3 – 5 days
Price: 175 – 250 euros/person


Iso lohi

Salmon fishing on the wilderness river

Come and catch big salmon with us in the wilderness. You will experience unbelieveble fights. Salmons are between 3 and 20 kilograms.

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